Monday, October 29, 2007

Melbourne Cup Day

Photos taken yesterday somewhere in Sydney. Do you know where?

  • Check your emails. You will receive and invitation to a party. Please reply following the structure that we learnt last week (refusing an invitation).
  • Today is Melbourne Cup Day. Do you know anything about it? Check the information in the Australian Government Culture and Recreation Portal, Melbourne Cup, and answer the following questions:
  1. What is it?
  2. When does it take place? (time and date)
  3. What happens to the nation on that day?
  4. What is a sweep?
  5. What would you be looking for if you checked the milliners directory on the Racetrack Fashions link?
  6. How long has the Melbourne Cup been around (existed/taken place)?
  7. Which is Austalia's most famous racehorse? Why?
  8. What can you see in the National Museum of Australia?
  9. Who won the 2006 Melbourne Cup?
  10. What do you think about all of this?
  11. Use the answers to these questions to write a short report about the Melbourne Cup, with your opinion about it at the end. You can compare it to other celebrations or festivities in Australia or in your country of origin.
  • Last Tuesday Luisa Odelli, one of the college career counsellors, gave a talk about educational & vocational pathways. She showed us two very useful websites with course and work information: TAFE Find a Course and My Future. You should start thinking about your pathway for next year.
  • Last Tuesday we corrected all the answers of the webquest. Well done everyone and thank you to Marta for helping all of you.... Today you can write a draft of your report. Email it to me or print it and revise it before we can check it together.

  • Did you email your questions about Grant Mizens to me?

  • Today's ESOLForum question is about drivers. First do this short dictation in Time4English: Advanced 3L, Bad drivers!. Then go to the last entry of our ESOL forum and give your opinion. Don't forget to read everyone else's opinion before you write yours.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rosa
I think this pictures is the the State Theatre's.
Can you tell me it is correct or could you gave me some information for resolve this clue?

Rosa said...

Marta, your search skills amaze me! I know you don't have time to go into town, but you still manage to find places that are similar to the ones on the photos.

No, it's not the State theatre. The State theatre is a little bit more modern. It has a neo gothic style on the outside and very Art Deco on the inside, although some of the mosaic on the floor is a bit closer to the Victorian and Federation tiles of the photos.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosa
I found this link with the Queen Victoria Biulding, Zee guessed the clue and I hope next holidays to get some time to go there.

Sviatlana said...

Hi, Rosa.
This photos made in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. This building was built in 1898 and named the Queen Victoria Building. This building is beautiful and historical. There are many pleasing places. I like this building. There was Chinese jades coach but still 2 years it no stand there.

Rosa said...

Yes, Sveta, I remember the Chinese jade coach! I also love this building. They say it's one of the most beautiful shopping centres in the world. The pity is that the owners want to change it and make it more modern. They want to add more escalators and the've already started changing the shop fronts. Instead of the bay window shape, they'll all be flat shop windows. What a shame! People go there because of the old style atmosphere... Anyway, it's good that it wasn't demolished in the 70s thanks to a green ban (all the building unions refused to work on its demolition).

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