Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sculpture by the Sea 2007

  • Our first task today is your assessment for Andrew. Open your TAFE portal and use your email account to find his email address there. Then follow his instructions to write him an email. You've got 30 minutes to write a draft, revise it yoursleves and send the email.
  • Check your our interview with Marielle here. Tell me what you think!
  • Last Sunday I went to Sculpture by the Sea.
    It was a great day. The weather was perfect, but there were so many people that it was impossible to take a photo of the sculptures without anyone around them! Check the link above and answer these questions:
    1. What is Sculptureby the Sea?

    2. When does it take place?

    3. Where does it take place?

    4. How do you get there?

    5. What type of art is it exhibited?

    6. Why does it attract so many people?

    Who would like to volunteer to write an article about Sculpture by the Sea in our wiki inthe news section (with the slide show) ?. Talk to me today.

    • Modals for advice. We are going to work on giving advice to others. Go to Time4english, Grammar, letter M and do the last exercise on modal verbs (should, ought to, had better, have to).
    • Go to Time4English, Upper Intermediate-Advanced and do 3P Advice column. What's the name they give to a section in a magazine where they give advice to the readers? What do I call them in our Kogarah & Liverpool wiki (check the side bar)? Read all the explanations and examples and write your advice for the last letter. You can email it to me or publish it in your blog.
    • Go to our Kogarah Liverpool wiki. Read the letter there and write your advice on that page.

    Outstanding work:

    • Remember to hand out or publish the article about Melinda

    • Read one of the short stories and write a comment in our wiki's book reviews section

    • Publish your report on how to improve your English with technology (like internet, etc)


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