Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to our second class

Hi everyone!
Sorry that I can't be with you f2f (face to face: in person) today. You can follow my instructions and have an interesting session with Andrew's help.
  • Those of you who created your blog last week can help the others start their own. Remember to go to Blogger. Then go to create your own blog and follow the steps. Please write down your URL (the www..... that will be your blog address), your username (which is your email address) and password. It's so easy to forget them!
  • Once you have your blog, write a post introducing it to the rest of the class. Write where you come from and put a link to an interesting website about your country or hometown. If you can, add a photo. Don't worry if you can't, I'll show you next Tuesday.
  • We still haven't got a complete answer to the animal photos from last week....I bet you know today's animals!
  • Write another post with your text about the article we read about twins.
  • Thanks everybody for taking part in the forum last week. If you wish, you can visit it again, read your classmates entries and respond to them (write about what they say, for example: I agree with you, Rosa....The same thing happened to me, Samira...).
  • Go to Time4English and listen to THIS WEEK'S STORY, Arguments lead to heart attacks. Do the exercises on articles if you didn't do them last week.
  • Finally, listen to the podcast on Patricia, one of our librarians. Do the library exercises. You can print the questions and hand the answers to me or you can write the answers in your blog. There are spare headphones in the filing cabinet top drawer. Remember to buy your own and to bring them to class on Tuesdays.
  • Can you tell me the meaning of these words: icon, pop-up, cursor, monitor, hardware, software, to download, to surf the net? If you can't, go back to last week's post and in the games you will find the answers.

This is a new project that you can start thinking about. We'll come back to it next week.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome to Our Class 2007!

Hi to all the new students for semester 2, 2007 and welcome to our class blog.

Before we get going, you should think a bit about good computer habits. It is very important to get used to having a good posture when you are working on the computer so that you don't get back pain, etc. You will find very useful information and some language exercises here: Computer Health. Read the information first and then answer the Computer Health quiz. When you finish answering the quiz, print it and keep it in your folder in the blog section.

Remember to get a ring folder to be well organised with your class notes. Anderew and I will be asking you to look at things done in previous lessons.

These photos are from my holidays. Can you tell me the name of the animals shown and where my brother (who is on holidays from Spain) took the photos? You can write the answers in the comments of this post (click on the comments button below). Don't forget to write your name.

I'll give you clues if it's too hard!

This semester we are going to do work with a group of students from another TAFE college in Sydney, Liverpool. Their teacher Anna and I thought that it would be good to start with a topic that everyone knows about: your first impressions of Australia. Go to ESOLforum (on the right sidebar). Read the question and start writing. You will need the password and user name. Ask your teacher.

If you have time, look at Time4English and go to the grammar book. Do the exercises Articles 1 - Countable and Uncountable Nouns & Articles 2 - Uncountable Nouns. Ask me for the user name and password.

Now try this game to learn about computer words. You can also do this other game with more computer vocabulary in English.