Monday, October 15, 2007

Couselling Services

This is where last week's photo was taken. It's on the coast line from Audley to Bundeena, in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.
Next Tuesday we are going to have an information session given by one of the St George TAFE counsellors, Luisa. To prepare for it, I asked Luisa to send me some words that you should understand before her talk. Print this worksheet Counsellor's Talk Vocabulary. I also thought it'd be good for you to read a bit about the counselling services and discuss possible questions with your classmates. Work in small groups, but first print this worksheet, Counsellors.

This is the lotus seed pod I used on the sandstone photo posted last week. Many of you guessed what it was! Read the comments about it in last week's post. Jin wrote a very good one, but we have lost it! Maybe you could write it again, Jin.

It is very early for bushfires, but the seeason has already started due to high temperatures. Andrew asked me to get you to look at the NSW bushfire website. Write six steps they give you to protect your house from bushfires.

Thanks for the emails last week. I'm going to hand-them back to you for further corrections. Read them and if you see anything that can be improved, do it and return the email to me.

Please continue writing your Webquest answers! Print them when you are finished. Very soon you'll need them to write your report in class.
Photos taken last Friday when I took two young Spanish visitors on a tour of Sydney

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