Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week 3

Welcome back!

Well done to all the students who answered the questions on the Australian animals on the previous posts. You guessed their names (visit Summer, Marta, Eva, Jessica's blogs and the posts comments for the answers) and Summer guessed where the bat picture was taken, but she didn't know the exact name of the park. Does anyone know?

Well done too to the students who wrote their opinion about the twin sisters story. Those of you who haven't done it should try and publish it today.
  • Today you can spend time creating your blogs if you didn't do it last week.
  • This week we are going to start looking at the topic of travel, as leisure is one of the topics you chose for this semester. Sydney is a beautiful city for tourists and residents to explore. Leave a comment in this slide show of photos from different Sydney spots. Have you been there? Have you taken any overseas visitors there? What did they say? What do you think about the different places?

  • Listen to Patricia's (one of the librarians at St George college of TAFE) podcast and answer the questions.
  • Did you do the listening on arguments are linked to heart attacks? This week we'll start working on exercises related to travel and tourism. Go to Time4English and in Vacation English Course, TOPIC TWO - Australian Cities & Places to See do the exercises on Geography of Australia (V2.1) and the first text, Uluru (V2.2).
  • Write a post in your blogs about Uluru as a possible tourist destination for you and your family or friends. Use your own words! You can link to interesting websites a bout Uluru, but you must use your own words to tell us why you would /wouldn't chose Uluru as a place to visit .
    • If you travel around Australia you may hear words and expressions that only Australian people use. Do you know the meanings of these Aussie words and expressions?
    dunny, tucker, Waltzing Matilda, g'day, off one's face

    You can find out in Aussie Slang.

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