Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Week 4

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Fadwa and Zhi. You can visit their blogs on the student blog roll on the sidebar.

One of you, (sorry-one of Marion's students!) WeiYun, has seen where the koala in the slide show from last week is. Here is a link to a site that explains who the architect was and what the building is. You can have a look at it in 135-137 Macquarie Street.

  • We've been reading and writing about twins, listen to this short podcast, Twins, and answer the questions. What's the difference between this set of twins and the ones we read about? Tell us in your blog.

  • Today I would like you to give ideas about possible topics for our forum with Liverpool. Go to ESOLforum and start giving us ideas.

  • Listen to Andrew's podcast. Answer the questions in your blog.
  • You chose the topic of Health & Lifestyle. Read this advertisement for a Kogarah council fundraising event, Walk Run Swim. Answer these questions. You should answer them online. First click on the options and choose the correct one and then you can print the worksheet and write the rest of the answer with your own words. If you want to learn how to type the answers on the computer, ask me in class.
  • Sydney through foreign eyes is waiting for you to add your comments in writing or recording your voice. Some of you have already done it in one photo. You can add more comments to other photos. Think of these questions before you do it:
Have I been there? What do I think of the place? What do I know about it? Would I take my overseas visitors there? Why? Why not? Would you like to go?
Have I seen this animal? Where? What do I know about it?


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful mural outside Rosa's son's school in Ultimo. Each child made a litle ceramic piece and put on it.

Sviatlana said...

This is beautiful mosaic. School children put little figures to mosaic where they show a life about us.
Thank you, Rosa