Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lifestyle choices: Travelling around the world (Week 9)

Lisa and Marta receiving their prize (a yummy technological prize: a chocolate mobile phone!) for their achievements with wiki & podcasting.
  • Listen to your introductory podcast in Let's Talk or in our wiki (in Kogarah students). Write a commnet in Let's Talk about it.
  • Write your opinion about the article I gave you last week with the photo of a little school girl sleeping in the middle of a busy street. Publish it in your blog.
  • Go to our forum and answer Marion's question about gender roles.
  • If you have received emails from Liverpool, answer them.
  • Type your comment in our wiki map (in Kogarah & Liverpool wiki, Kogarah students)
  • Continuing with our lifestyle topic, listen to Emile's podcast and do the worksheets. When you finsih, show them to me, please. I want to keep track of your work in our blog assessment grid.
  • For those of you who know Spanish, this is a good place to practise your questions
  • Have a look at this bubbleshare*. You can subscribe and create your own! Just follow the steps or ask Eva and Summer, they learnt how to do it last week!

*bubbleshare ceased to funciton in 2009. You can use slide.com,, photobucket, flickr,animoto, etc to create slideshows or mini videos


Anonymous said...

Hello everybody
Emile was born in England. He lived in many places he said were interesting for him because he knows many customs and friends around the world. He worked with Mother Therese and he loved India. His mother comes from Kayama and his father comes from England. His wife comes from Australia, from the Blue Mountains, but he met her in Bombay, India. He never wants to go back to his country of origin. He loves Australia and the Aboriginal culture. Australia was very positive for him, his study, work and friends. He visited aproximately twenty countries. He likes to help other countries in the area of education.

Sviatlana said...

Your photos are fantastic.
I like it.
Thank you