Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So you went to Bundeena...Report wiriting

Can you guess what this photo is?

Hi everyone!

Sorry I can't be with you f2f, but Andrew will help you with your work today. To make his job very EASY, please read my instructions carefully. Don't rush!

First of all, congratulations to Marta for another great podcast! She interviews a childcare worker this time. It's very interesting and very clear: Marta: The Rainbow.

First do some catching up work, if you need to*:
  • Listen to Emile's podcast
  • Publish your writing about the sleeping girl in your blog
  • Answer any Liverpool emails
  • Write on your wiki page.
  • Write your opinion about gender roles on the forum (only one person did it last week!)

    You went on an excursion to Bundeena with AMEP classes. Complete the following activities:
    • Publish a recount about the excursion in your blog.

    • Read the article that Sally links to in her post, Bundeena excursion and do this worksheet, which includes writing a report. By now you know the structure of a report (information text). Write a draft and let me check it (you can email it to me).
    • Listen to Melinda's podcast. Read the post carefully before you listen. You should print the listening worksheet to get help with the listening. Do all the exercises and writing on the worksheet.
    * Remember that you've got one week to do all this work, but that it becomes too much if you leave it undone and then you have to catch up.


    stephanie davenport said...

    Hi Rosa,

    I am very interested in this blog! I am doing my master's thesis on using blogging and other technologies to enhance literacy and learning for ELLs. I would like to use Our Class 2007 as a part of my research for my thesis, and would like to discuss this with you further. Please contact me at davenportse@vcu.edu when you have a chance.

    Summer said...

    I think it's lotus seed.

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Rosa
    Lotus seeds or Lotus nuts are the seeds of plants. They are used in East Asian cuisine and it's sold where it's produced, for example Vietnam or China.