Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our last class

Today we had our last class in the computer room.

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We learned how to create a slide show. Have a look at your classmates' great work:

Jane's families

Sharon's Sydney show

We also had a surprise visit from Anastasiya, a former student. She did level 4 last semester and is doing a Real Estate course at our college. Listen to her story Anastasiya: On Her Way Now. I think you will find it inspiring.

Don't forget to listen to Jennifer if you want to find out more about possible course to do after ESOL 4.

Thanks for the lovely lunch you prepared on Wednesday! Andrew and I loved all your dishes: the vegetables, chicken, dumplings, sticky rice with bean paste and coconut, the beautiful hot small noodles and the very different transparent non-rice noodles. We had very good melon, mandarins cake... and very healthy green tea!

This is a photo from the day, with a very young new student on the left.

Have a great holiday!

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