Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Day of Our Course

This week we say goodbye to each other after a semester working together. Last week everyone was saying how quickly time has gone.

  • Last week we had the pathways session to help you with your choice of course for next semester. One of the speakers was a teacher from CEEW, Jennifer Julian. Listen to her talking about her course in the podcast, Jennifer: Empowering Women. It may help you decide what to do next semester if you are still unsure.

  • As promised, let's play with slide shows. You can use bubbleshare, slide, photobucket and many other image hosting free software. You will have to join, though. Today let's use bubbleshare, as it allows you to write captions and later at home to record your voice on each slide. Remember that a few weeks ago Marion's students started playing with slide shows. Have a look at what they did in their blogs (all linked in Marion's class blog).
  • You can choose your own work from Time4English today. I recommend you to try the highest level.
  • Publish your opinion text

I hope you all have a great future in this country, no matter what course of job you do. Good luck!

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