Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Living in Australia

Autumn in my garden
Last year Melinda Gleeson (from Time4English) produced some activities for students who had just arrived in Australia. Although many of you may already know about car insurance, I thought that it'd be good for you to do the activities in order to be able to talk and write about it.

As I told you last week, you will find them in Time4English Intermediate 7 (7a-7I).

Later this afternoon you will write a report or information text on Car Insurance in Australia. I will give you the facts, so don't worry about memorising any of it. Concentrate on understanding the vocabulary, verbs used and how they are used (present tense) and the structure of a good report:

  • General statement

  • Description of part 1

  • Description of part 2

  • Description of part 3

Look here for a quick revision of Report structure and linguistic features.

Two weeks ago I interviewed Nikki, a young 20 year old girl who is doing many different things. If you are curious, go to Sydney's People Podcast and listen to our conversation. There are photos and there will be a video with some of the fashion parade with her designs!

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