Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Assessment time

Dan's radio programme has been published! Listen to him interviewing Yvonne, Annie and Winnie in Let's Talk. Thanks to the four of you for doing such a good job for our first program of the semester!

Let's have a break from new work and concentrate on completing your tasks for your assessment portfolio (check the 5th meaning) for level 4.

  • Listening:Answer the questions on the podcast Patricia: Librarian. You can publish them in you blogs or hand them to me.

  • Reading: Complete the readings and worksheets from last week's post on health matters ( Better Health Obesity: Obesity & Better Health Skin Cancer: Skin Cancer)

  • Writing: summarise the articles you read and listened to in Time4English about Hot Chips cause Cancer (7J) and Take-Away Food Dangerous (7Y). Give your opinion.

  • Writing : Write your opinion about the topic Thin models.

  • Writing: publish your movie review.

  • Writing: publish your report on an object of importance in your culture.

  • Speaking: prepare a draft for your radio program in which you have an introduction and questions on your chosen topic. You can show it to your teacher for correction.

  • Study: Prepare for next weeks' assessment (writing a report in class). Go to Time4English and do all the exercises on Car Insurance. You will find them in Intermediate 7 (7a-7I).

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sophie said...

Hi, Rosa!

Very happy to see your comment on my blog! You taught me very useful computer knowledge! When I saw Marion praised me about that, I wanted to say thanks from my heart to you. I still remembered last year, one of my friends saw my blog, she was so surprised about that(including my husband and my mother-in-law, they were also very surprised about my blog,hehe...) --our English class not only teach English, but also teach computer. Hope more students like to learn some computer skills, because nowadays, if you know more about it, you will be more convenient and have a more fun!

Thanks again for your teaching me such a wonderful knowledge!