Thursday, March 22, 2007

State elections over

Balmain electoral polling booth on 24th March 2007

Last Saturday were the state elections. Australians went to their local polling booths to exercise their right and responsibility as citizens. Can you find anything in this picture that makes you say something about our electoral system? (write in your blogs)

Today's work:

  • Forum: Last week's discussion about multiculturalism to celebrate Harmony Day
  • Write an email to William's class in New Zealand and send it.
  • Go to Let's Talk, a website where we will publish your radio programs. Listen to Marielle's first radio program and the introductory Semester 2 Students as examples of what you can do. Today we will work on our introductions, either individually or in pairs. Later on we will start working on your radio programs.
  • Recording your voice: I will show you how to use Audacity to record your voice onto the computer. You can record a brief introduction of yourself and/or a classmate. On the right sidebar there is a permanent link to a tutorial, in case you need to read it when you try doing it at home.
Work to do later or at home:
  • Time4English: Go to Grammar Book,letter T and do the tense exercises that follow the blue ones you did last week: Tense - Future - will & going to, Tense - Past continuous, Tense - Present perfect
  • I'm going to give you a table with all the work that you should have on your blogs. You can start working on catching up with your blog portfolio!
What's on: Information about interesting things in Sydney, Kogarah, etc
  • Sydney in the dark:Earth Hour. What is it? How can you take part in it? What do you think about it? Are you going to do it? You can write a post about this.

Games: Exotic country.
Many of you have had very interesting answers. Nobody from this class has got the correct country yet. These are the countries that are not correct: Cuba, Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Belize, China, North America, Australia, or Mexico. The continent Africa is not correct either. I'll give you a final clue: The name of this country is related to the name of the person who got to that part of the world in 1492.

If you want to relax and improve your mouse skills, you can do these exercises on
Mouse skills. I've placed a permanent How tos link on the right sidebar.


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