Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well done Classes! Last week's forum nearly achieved its aim.

Four Skills Pictures (click to make it bigger)

Between the two classes, Marion's and our one, we got 80 ways to improve our English outside class. Some of them are repeated, so we may try to get rid of the repetitions and add them to this list from a couple of years ago: How to improve your English outside class. Check it and let me know if you want to help put the 2 lists together.

How are your emails to William's students going? He has sent you one with a very good link to practise your pronunciation. We decided to send everyone all the emails. That means that everyone gets more practice. But when you get an email addressed only to you, if you prefer to write to that person only, reply to that person only, don't click on reply to all.

What about your report on your hometown? Now you know how to form noun groups (article+adjective+noun), so you can still improve your text.

One of my brothers has recently been on a holiday to a very exotic place. These are some of the photos he took. Can you guess where were they taken? In your blogs, write your answer and write about the photos. What can you see? What are the people doing? How do you feel looking at them?

  • Harmony Day is approaching. Visit the government site and write in your blog about it. What is Harmony Day? On the left, click on What's On? On the map of Australia, you can see What's on in your area? Check if there's anything on in Kogarah. How do you think we can celebrate? Write your ideas in this post comments.
  • Go to Time4English. Ask me for the username and password. Go to Lower Intermediate, 5 Cultures and listen to 5D When Cultures Meet. We will talk about this in our forum.
  • Go to the Forum and answer today's question about cultures. This will be one of the ways we celebrate Harmony Day.
  • Listen to Lisbeth's podcast if you didn't have time last week
That's all. Have fun!


RUBY said...

Hi Rosa!
Harmony day which began in 1999, occurs on 21 March each year and celebrates Australia's success as a diverse society united by a common set of values.
In Tafe St George is having Variuos activities for staff and students.
And at Kogarah Community Services is having Harmony Day morning tea and information stall at our community centre.
My opinion is we can ceblebrate Harmony Day by have a party with all the students from all countrys.Have fun and play,get closer.

Rosa said...

Thanks, Ruby.

Have you organised anything for your class? Maybe we could do something together.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosa
Marta wrote this, could you see my blog, today is sunday 18th. I read and saw many photos around the world in internet. Ihave many photos similars and same information.I think the country in the picture is Cuba.It is?....