Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's still summer!

Hi again. I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to continue our blogging adventure.

As you know, I spent a great part of our Australian summer in cold wintry Spain. Fortunately we still have quite a lot of warm weather left. In Sydney we have beautiful beaches and there are many activities we can do there. Today's work will deal with beaches and related topics.

  1. Visit "Australian English at the Beach". First look at the signs in Safety at the Beach. Do all the exercises (on top of the pictures). Then answer these questions in your blog:
    1. Do you know all the signs? If not,
    2. Which ones are new to you?
    3. Do we have all these signs in Sydney?
    4. Do they have all these signs in your country of origin?
  2. Read The Aussie Cozzie and do the quiz (at the bottom of the text). Read what other people have written about it in the comments page and then write your thoughts about it in your blog.
  3. Look at the pictures in Story in pictures (also at the bottom of the text). Choose two and describe them in your blog. Compare the similarities and talk about the differences.
  4. You can search for pictures on the Internet or the link provided below the The Aussie Cozzie text (Search for pictures), but remember that it's always better and more satisfactory to use your own pictures (and you won't be breaking copyright regulations)
Some of you wanted instructions on how to add links and images to your blog posts. I've published a video tutorial (permanent link on the sidebar)

I have also published permanent link on the sidebar to a post with all your blog links, Our Class 2007 p2p ESL EFL X. It is to make it easier for people from other ESL classes around the world to communicate with us. Make sure you keep your blogs interesting and that your English gets better and better.

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mic said...

Hello Rosa and all the blogging students at St George. Thank you so much for visiting our beach web site.

i hope you all enjoy the Sydney beaches safely, while it is still summer!

best regards, michael